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About Steven Clemens, Research Scientist

Steven Clemens, Phd., esteemed research scientist and Associate Professor at Brown University, will speak on climate change, including increased CO2 (carbon dioxide), and the effects of deep-sea drilling on our environment and more specifically, Narragansett Bay. Several topics he will address:


     How is our fragile bay affected?

     What are the current trends in sea levels?

     How might legislation affect our environment?


Steven C. Clemens is an Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences (Research). He earned his Ph.D. in Marine Geology at Brown University in 1990. He became an Adjunct Lecturer at Brown in 1992, and was promoted to Associate Professor of Research in 2005. He works with the Climate & Environment research group within the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences.


The department concentrates on Geologic phenomena that affect our daily lives as well as the future of our planet. Fundamental knowledge in the Earth and planetary sciences has direct bearing on matters of urgent interest to the public, to policy makers, and to other scientists. The threats of a major earthquake in California, a volcanic eruption in the northwestern U.S., or an asteroid impact are ever present. A naturally fluctuating climate is being modified by human activities in ways that we don’t understand with consequences that we cannot predict.