Jamestown Democrats

Local elected leaders

Town Council


Our Town Councilors reflect our community. Each brings a particular approach to the issues and different solutions to the problems confronting our island.  They listen to each other.  They respect each other’s opinions.  And they work towards a common goal: what is best for Jamestown.


Planning our Future


Our Town Councilors are willing to talk about the challenges facing Jamestown. How do we maintain a sense of community amid rising real estate prices and limited real estate opportunities? How does a small town pay for necessary infrastructure improvements?  What is the “character” of the island? How does an island plan for a future of rising sea levels and intense climate activity? Together, we can explore the issues and envision practical solutions.  We can prepare our island for tomorrow and decades to come.


We need a plan for  2020 — and a vision for 2050.



Mary E. Meagher


Mary serves at the Vice-President of the Town Council. Due to the fact that Mary served as a Town councilor twenty years ago, she started her recent service with several initiatives right off the bat. Her first effort involved improvements to Fort Getty that benefit all users of the park, including campers, town residents and island visitors. She continues her advocacy for the creation of additional affordable housing on the island.  Mary actively supports Tom Tighe’s initiative to conduct a review of the Parks and Recreation Department. She is leading the council’s response to that analysis and proposed set of recommendations. Her goal is better coordination of town facilities and programs with community organizations in support the diverse needs and interests of our community. As an architectural designer, Mary is keenly aware of the proposed improvements to the golf course and fire department facilities and will be engaging all stakeholders in the process.



Mike White


Advocating for initiatives that balance Jamestown’s continued economic development, protect our natural resources and fund additional affordable housing top Mike's list of plans for the new term. He pledges to find new and inventive ways to fund programs that keep our town safe and our environment healthy without imposing undue burdens on Jamestown taxpayers. Mike will work with Town businesses to ensure that our community’s buildings and facilities are accessible to all.


Gene Mihaly


I am committed to sustaining the quality of life in Jamestown while adapting to the shifting sands of our state and national economic, political and physical environments.


High on my agenda are addressing the lack of affordable housing; protecting and strengthening our commercial sector; and — not least — public health, specifically reducing the still unacceptable levels of tick-borne disease.



Kristine Sandra Trocki


After winning her first election, Kristine was voted in as the Town Council President. Fulfilling one of her key campaign promises, Kristine has set the tone for the conduct of council meetings by creating a welcome atmosphere that invites civic participation. Kristine also set goals to make town services more accessible, enhance technology and improve communication. Kristine brings to the council, a thoughtful, professional and accountable approach to the work and she remains committed to promoting and preserving the uniqueness and beauty of Jamestown.