Jamestown Democrats

Local elected leaders

Town Moderator


John A. Murphy


John Murphy is a strong advocate for a healthy respect for democracy at its most basic level. As town moderator, John is adept at helping people in groups participate in healthy and robust discussion that leads to fair decisions. For more than forty years, John has led many groups tasked with making difficult decisions, including government, community and business leaders. As Jamestown’s Town Moderator, John serves to facilitate the town financial meetings efficiently and effectively.



Rhode Island State Representative


Deborah L. Ruggiero


Rhode Island State Representative Deborah Ruggiero represents Jamestown and Middletown (District 74). She is a Deputy Majority Leader and serves on House Finance.


As chair of the Small Business Renewable Energy Task Force, she sponsored the Distributed Generation law in Rhode Island. The Renewable Energy Jobs Growth Program has been very successful in developing solar and wind projects creating jobs and tax revenues in Rhode Island.  She served as chair of The Behavioral Health & Firearms Safety Task Force balancing mental health issues with gun ownership and public safety.


Deborah is the president of DR Communications Group, a marketing and advertising firm that helps small business and non-profits with branding and marketing communications.

She is also the creator and host of the award-winning radio show, AMAZING WOMEN which celebrates the work of Rhode Island women. The public affair shows airs Sunday mornings on 4 radio stations www.amazingwomenri.com.


She is a founding member of the Women’s Fund of RI, past president of the RI Lung Association, a Jamestown Rotarian, and member of Save the Bay.


How to reach Representative Ruggiero:


78 Columbia Avenue

Jamestown, RI 02835




Rhode Island State Senator


M. Teresa Paiva Weed


Senator Teresa Paiva Weed was first elected to the Rhode Island Senate in 1992. In January 2009, Senator Paiva Weed was elected by her colleagues to serve as President of the Senate. Senator Paiva Weed is the first woman in Rhode Island 's history to serve in this capacity.  Before becoming Senate President, Senator Paiva Weed served as Rhode Island's first female Senate Majority Leader, a position she held for five years.


Senator Paiva Weed led numerous legislative efforts including reforming the state’s welfare system, helping to secure the passage of legislation that changed the manner in which judges are selected to a merit-based process, and participated in state budget negotiations. Her landmark bills include the Family Independence Act and legislation restructuring the Victim's Compensation Fund.


According to the State’s website, Senator Paiva Weed served on the Senate Commission on Judicial Selection, the Senate Oil Spill Commission, the Rhode Island Trust and Investment Commission, the Rhode Island Blue Ribbon Task Force, the Rhode Island Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline, the Supreme Task Force to Examine the Administrative Adjudication Court, the Governor's Juvenile Justice Task Force, and the Senate Select Commission on Quasi Public Agencies.




How to reach Senator Paiva Weed:

43 Thurston Avenue

Newport, RI 02840